LED Retrofitting


Aerostar Electrical Services Inc. offers a turnkey LED lighting retrofit system that makes the transition to energy efficient lighting easy and straightforward. Our lighting knowledge and experience allows us to select solutions that provide the greatest energy savings, lifespan, and light quality. We offer LED products that will withstand conditions required for commercial and industrial lighting applications that qualify for government rebates and come with industry leading warranties or 5 to 10 years.

LED lighting is a great replacement for traditional lighting, providing many benefits:
  • Reduces energy consumption by 50-90%
  • Long life eliminating maintenance and replacement costs
  • Qualify for government rebates
  • Include 5 to 10 yearwarranty
  • Improve lighting levels and quality, won’t change colour over time
5-Step Work Process:
  1. Audit: We evaluate theproperty with an audit, taking into consideration municipal requirements,lighting levels and rebate estimates
  2. Proposal: After workingdirectly with you, we balance budgets, property needs and products best suitedfor your facility
  3. Rebate: Before beginning the project, we work with the local distribution company to obtain maximum rebate incentive. Upon completion we process all of the rebate incentive requirements for final payment.
  4. Installation: We use one of our certified electricians to properly install and dispose of all existing lighting. We provide ESA and disposal certificates.
  5. Check-up: Annual lighting inspections are preformed to ensure proper lighting and product performance.